Multi destination honeymoon packages

Starting to think about your honeymoon and feel as though you’re drowning in ideas? Don’t worry. You’re not alone and you're in the right place. At Travel Nation, we understand that honeymoons are deeply personal and notoriously tricky to plan. Our friendly travel consultants will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions and help you put together a honeymoon that is perfect for you as a couple.

We can plan round the world honeymoons, twin-centre trips that mix adventure with a paradise island or organise a romantic road trip to really remember. Wherever you go, we’ll make sure you kick-start married life in style.

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Unusual honeymoon destinations

If you’re looking to take the road less travelled, try one of our unusual and unique honeymoons, packed with adventure and romance. Trek between snow-capped mountains in Chile before heading for the beaches of Easter Island, take an exotic trip through Brazil to Iguazu Falls or twin Machu Picchu with an incredible wildlife experience in the Galapagos Islands. We can organise anything for you, from orang-utan spotting in Borneo to island-hopping in French Polynesia, all with added romance and a touch of luxury.

Boutique honeymoons

Centred on small-scale and secluded accommodation, our boutique honeymoons offer secret escapes packed with plenty of romance. Sleep in a remote lodge tucked away in the Amazon jungle, swing on a hammock outside your deluxe hut in Bali, take a boutique cruise through Fiji’s castaway islands or uncover an ancient civilisation amongst the temples of Angkor Wat. We’ve searched far and wide to find beautiful hotels in scenic spots that will make your honeymoon memorable and set it apart from the crowd. 

Luxury honeymoon packages

Our luxury honeymoon packages are indulgent, romantic and packed with tropical style. We go the extra mile to ensure that your honeymoon is absolutely perfect, adding luxury touches from the second you step aboard the plane. We can organise a picnic on a private island, arrange a top-notch Big Five safari and find you a dreamy overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. Whatever your destination, we’ll help you take your honeymoon to the next level - after all, if you can't spoil yourself on your honeymoon - when can you? Take the first steps by calling one of our experts on 1273 320 580 or request a quote by email.

Island honeymoons

There's nothing more romantic than an island honeymoon. We specialise in multi-centre honeymoons, whether that's looking for elephants and tasting spicy curries in Sri Lanka before a few days relaxing in the Maldives or driving the Pacific Coast Highway in the USA before some downtime in the Cook Islands. If you're looking for an entirely beach-based honeymoon, we can help there too. French Polynesia, Fiji and the Maldives are all beautiful spots for a relaxed, beachside romantic break. 

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Twin centre honeymoons

If one of you is a beach-lover and the other an explorer, we can help you plan a twin-centre honeymoon that gives you the best of both worlds. Sip cocktails in Singapore rooftop bars before sailing around the islands of Fiji, drive across New Zealand before taking some tropical time out in Tahiti or head off on safari in Sri Lanka before soaking up the sunshine in the Maldives. In many ways, a twin-centre trip is a perfect choice, combining two completely different experiences in one honeymoon. Simply tell us what you enjoy, and we can easily build a brilliant honeymoon to suit you both.

South Pacific Island honeymoons

When it comes to far-flung romance, there’s nowhere better than the South Pacific. We’re experts in this part of the world so we can build you a honeymoon retreat you’ll remember for years to come. Explore remote archipelagos in Fiji, swim in blue lagoons in French Polynesia or soak up the sunshine in the Cook Islands. With idyllic beaches, clear waters and blazing sunsets, the South Pacific islands offer tropical honeymoon perfection, a chance to retreat from the crowds and a taste of castaway romance.

Asia honeymoons

Asia is the perfect place to plan a honeymoon - think romantic sunsets, exciting cities and relaxing beaches. Combine sugary beaches in Sri Lanka with epic hiking in northern India, watch the stars come out in the Laotian skies or swim with whale sharks off the islands of Indonesia. Walk hand in hand along Koh Samui's pristine beaches, sip cocktails in the Gili Islands and watch the sunrise over the ancient city of Angkor Wat. Your money will go far in Asia, so if you're looking for luxury then look no further. 

Honeymoons in Africa 

There's something wildly romantic about a holiday to Africa, which makes it perfect for a honeymoon. Search for wildlife in the early morning mist and tell stories around the campfire at night. Squeeze each other’s hands with silent excitement when you spot your first leopard cubs. In Kenya, you can explore untouched Laikipia and Meru National Park, while in Tanzania you can traverse the Serengeti before heading to Zanzibar to relax. Sip wine in Cape Town, feel the spray of Victoria Falls on your face and dive with whale sharks in Mozambique. An African safari is the ultimate romantic honeymoon.

South America honeymoons

Full of romantic lodges and remote beauty, South America is a spectacular choice for an unusual honeymoon. Combine sugary beaches in Brazil with epic hiking in Peru, watch the stars come out over the Atacama or swim with sea lions in the cool waters of the Galapagos. Walk hand in hand along Copacabana beach, sip local red wine in the vineyards of Mendoza and watch the sunrise over the ancient city of Machu Picchu. If you're looking for your dream honeymoon, then look no further. 

Ready to plan your honeymoon?

Whether you've already decided on your honeymoon destination or you're still weighing up several ideas, we can help. Our travel experts have been arranging bespoke honeymoons for years, and we can help you get your plans in order. Call us today on 1273 320 580 or request a quote by email.

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