Plan the trip of a lifetime

Whether you’re celebrating a landmark birthday, visiting relatives overseas, taking a career break or starting retirement in style, we’ll turn your holiday into the trip of a lifetime. We’re experts at creating extraordinary multi-centre holidays that mix faraway destinations with hand-picked accommodation, giving you the chance to build your own bucket-list adventure. Simply give us your travel wishlist and we'll bring it to life, going the extra mile to make sure it exceeds your wildest expectations.

What makes the trip of a lifetime?

Your idea of the trip of a lifetime is completely unique to you. It's a personal journey that mixes your passions and interests with bucket-list destinations, turning your life-long dreams into reality. Whether you daydream about seeing orang-utans in the rainforest of Borneo, sailing through Antarctica or driving across the Deep South, we can make it happen. Whatever your timeframe and budget, we'll work with you to create an itinerary that will knock your socks off, adding special touches along the way.

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How we do it

When you get in touch with us, we’ll listen carefully to your hopes and wishes for your holiday. The more information you give us, the better! We’ll help you to shape your ideas and offer expert advice about airline routes, unique accommodation and more. We have travelled all over the world, so we'll guide and support you using our first-hand experience.

Your dedicated consultant will put together an itinerary that features your chosen destinations and reflects your passions, all within your budget. Together, you’ll tweak the plan until it becomes your perfect trip of a lifetime.

Throughout the planning stages and the run-up to your departure date, you’ll be able to contact your consultant directly. The same consultant will be on hand to support you while you’re away, allowing you to travel with total peace of mind.  

Explore authentic Polynesian life

Iconic journeys

See Uluru at sunset, explore Japan by train, sail into Bora Bora, cruise through Antarctica, set off on a Big Five safari or watch Machu Picchu appear through the morning mist. These iconic journeys and destinations top bucket-lists in abundance - and for good reason. We can mix these classic chart-toppers with more undiscovered destinations to create a trip full of atmosphere, history and extraordinary landscapes.

Round the world holidays

For many people, a round the world trip is a life-long goal. Whether you’ve got three weeks, a month, or 80 days, it’s possible to travel around the globe, stopping in all kinds of fascinating places along the way. Our round the world holidays mix diverse destinations and thoughtfully balance sightseeing hotspots with idyllic island escapes. Whatever your timeframe, we’ll plan you a round the world trip of a lifetime.

Remote island escapes

We go the extra mile to offer tailor-made trips that astonish and delight. When it comes to island holidays, we’ll take you to places you’ve never even heard of, from secluded French Polynesian islands to hidden patches of paradise in Asia and Africa. We’ve travelled all over the world to find these secret island hideaways. If you’re after an extraordinary barefoot escape, you’ve come to the right place.

Unusual combinations

Forget everything you think you know about multi-centre holidays. Our twin and multi-centre itineraries combine fascinating destinations in imaginative ways, turning your holiday into the trip of a lifetime. Discover the culture of Japan before jetting off to New Caledonia, explore Iceland before driving through the Deep South or mix Canada with Costa Rica in one exceptional trip. It’s multi-centre, but not as you know it.

Ready to plan your trip of a lifetime?

Whenever you're ready, we're here to plan your trip of a lifetime. We'll use all of our energy and expertise to build you a holiday that brings your wishlist to life. Simply give us a call on 1273 320 580 or send us a request by email. Anything is possible!