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Road tripping instantly turns a holiday into an adventure, allowing you to explore a destination on your own terms. Stop to soak up the scenery, get off the beaten track and experience local life in a new place. We are experts in planning the best road trips in the world, from the glaciers of New Zealand to the beaches of California's Big Sur.

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Drive through New England in the autumn | Travel Nation

Classic road trip destinations

Some destinations are simply made for road tripping. Whether you dream of driving to the Grand Canyon, disappearing into the Rocky Mountains, spotting wildlife along South Africa’s Garden Route or heading up the Gold Coast in Australia, we can help. With years of experience in planning self-drive holidays all over the world, we'll organise everything from car rental to accommodation, taking the headache out of arranging your road trip and making sure you get the most out of the experience.  


Drive through Fire State National Park in Nevada | Travel Nation

Drive from LA to San Francisco, delve into the Deep South, explore California's jaw-dropping national parks and cross red rock deserts to the Grand Canyon. You can't beat an all-American road trip. 


Scenic drive through Banff National Park

Make a break for the Rocky Mountains, spot grizzly bears in the wilderness, relax on the shores of Lake Louise and eat your body weight in maple syrup. Canada is the ultimate place to get out into the Great Outdoors. 

New Zealand

Mirror Lakes on the way to Milford Sound, NZ | Travel Nation

Pass mirrored lakes on your way to the waterfalls on Milford Sound, step into the world of Hobbiton and swing between glaciers and vineyards. New Zealand is a country begging to be explored.


Have your considered working your way around Australia? | Photo credit: Greg Snell

Cross the Outback to Uluru, drive the Great Ocean Road, follow the East Coast up to the Great Barrier Reef, explore the vineyards south of Perth and get off the beaten track in Tasmania. Australia has it all.

South Africa

Set off on a self-drive in Kruger National Park | Travel Nation

Set off on a self-drive safari in Kruger National Park, soak up the staggering scenery along the Garden Route and lose your heart to Cape Town. Driving is by far the best way to see South Africa.


Drive through Iceland searching for the Northern Lights | Travel Nation

Follow Iceland's epic ring road from frozen waterfalls to natural hot springs, volcanic lakes and cliffsides packed with puffins. On your way, check the night skies for the dancing Northern Lights.   

Unusual road trip destinations

If you’re eager to hit the road less travelled, try a self-drive holiday in one of these unusual, exotic destinations. Follow the Avenue of the Volcanoes in Ecuador, drive through the Namibian desert, explore the extraordinary scenery of Patagonia or zip around Fiji's mainland island. Our unusual road trips are perfect for travellers with an appetite for adventure. We can help you plan your route and choose your vehicle, recommend how long you spend in each destination along the way and keep you off the well-trodden tourist trails. During your road trip, we'll be there to offer support, giving you peace as mind as you drive off into the sunset.    

Multi-destination and round the world road trip holidays

Why make do with just one road trip when you can squeeze several adventures into one trip? Fly around the world, road tripping in each destination as you go, or arrange a self-drive holiday that combines several countries. We love a challenge here, so no road trip is too tricky. Plan a round the world holiday featuring New Zealand, Australia and USA road trips, with a Fiji, or combine a couple of fascinating destinations like Iceland and the Deep South. Wherever you dream of driving, we've got it covered.      

Multi-destination road trips

Watch incredible sunsets on K'gari | Travel Nation

Mix and match destinations for a self-drive holiday that really packs a punch. Chase the Northern Lights and grizzly bears in Iceland and Canada or plan a double road trip through Australia and New Zealand. We're full of bright road trip ideas, so don't be afraid to think big. We like a challenge!

See road trip ideas

Round the world road trip holidays

Follow scenic roads through Torres del Paine National Park | Travel Nation

For the ultimate adventure, try combining round the world flights with planned road trips in several destinations. Break up the self-drive stints with some island hopping in French Polynesia or an overland tour in South America. Travel your own way in every country, getting the most out of every minute.  

Round the world road trips


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We're a company of adventurers, so our travel experts have first-hand knowledge of road trips all across the world. We can offer personal and practical route advice, arrange memorable accommodation along the way and make sure your trip runs smoothly from beginning to end. Give us a call, plan your route and put down the pedal for the drive of your life.

Road trip inspiration

We've made a fair few road trips in our time, so here are a few ideas based on the trips we've taken ourselves. If you see a route you like, simply get in touch with us or contact the author directly. We can help you book a similar trip. 

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