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Campervans in the USA

Campervan, USA

Campervan, USA

Why travel by campervan in the USA?

Big Sur coastline, California, USA

Not a nation to do things by halves, in America RVs ('Recreational Vehicles' as campervans are known) tend to be much bigger. Generally they’re longer and more spacious than those you’ll find in other countries.

Few destinations can compare to the USA for an iconic road trip. The Pacific Coast Highway (along the rugged Californian coast) and Route 66 (from Chicago to Santa Monica, California) are the most popular. To the east; Boston, New York and Washington are packed with history and a laid back arts scene; Miami and the Florida Keys offer sunshine and good times; the Deep South is the home of jazz, blues and country music, and some of the best ribs you’ll ever eat!

In the north-west, northern California and Oregon have wide, open roads with fewer tourists and plenty of natural highlights. The mid-west is home to National Parks from Yellowstone in Jackson, Wyoming through to Zion in Utah and Death Valley as you head up past Las Vegas towards San Francisco.

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Where Travel Nation can help and how to book

Don’t worry if you have no idea about the practicalities of driving a huge ‘RV’ campervan or where you can park it - that’s where we can help and give advice. Our consultants have travelled in the USA so they’ll help you plan the perfect route and suggest places to stay along the way.

We work with the leading campervan, motorhome and RV hire companies in the US, which means we can offer some of the best vehicles and rental rates, which we will check across the board before you book. Booking in advance protects your money, guarantees your chosen vehicle will be available and gives you a consultant who can deal with any questions or concerns.

Simply contact us for advice on the best model to suit you or request a quote by email

What should you think about?

Here are a few things so think about before hiring your campervan in the USA:

  • Are you traveling on a shoestring and just need a basic model?
  • Do you need an on-board toilet/shower?
  • Do you want a new model, or would an older/higher mileage vehicle suit?
  • How much comfort/luxury do you need? (We have luxury models and you can break your journey with hotels/lodges too)
  • Would you prefer to pay more but reduce the insurance excess to zero?
  • Are you travelling with children?
  • Would you prefer a larger berth van with more space inside?
  • What bed configuration do you need in terms of doubles/singles/bunks?