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I joined Travel Nation back in 2005. I took a break from my previous job to do some travelling, when I got back I knocked on our founder Haydn's door and he offered me a role at Travel Nation as a sales consultant. Having created over 2,500 incredible round the world adventures for our customers, I progressed through various roles before I became Managing Director overseeing our UK based team.  I grew up in Farnham, then grew up a bit more in Sheffield. I now live out in the Sussex countryside with my wife Liz (who also works at Travel Nation) and our two children. Things I love are football, tennis, my local village pub, cycling, walking in the South Downs and growing a bit of veg!

Originally from

Farnham. I then lived for 8 years in Sheffield, before heading back down south.

Where did you spend your student days?

I studied Economics at Sheffield University, then followed that up with a Tourism Management Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Travel industry experience

I've now spent 20+ years working in our amazing and forever evolving travel industry. First of all I graduated from University in Sheffield, then spent 5 years as a manager at Flight Centre (UK).  From there I went off on my own round the world travels for a year with my (wife to be) Liz, we flew south to Cape Town in the Autumn and followed the sun from there. We covered most of the southern hemisphere, including Africa, Australasia, the South Pacific and South America before settling down in Sussex.  

Inspired by our own adventures, I joined Travel Nation when we got back in 2005 to specialise in creating round the world trips of a lifetime. I started off in our sales team for many years, I then trained our consultants and became a Director in 2016.  As Managing Director I now oversee our UK operation.  I'm a firm believer in our ethos that any itinerary is possible no matter how complex, and that travel done responsibly is an enriching force for good for communities around the world.  It's one expense in life that will make you richer!   As an independent company we're able to achieve this, and I ensure our teams have all the expertise and support they need to create these amazing itineraries for our customers.

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About Jonny

When I’m not at work or travelling I’m…

Looking after the kids!

My favourite band is…

Well I've seen the Cure and Sigur Ros around 10 times each over the years, so must be one of those!

If I wasn’t working for Travel Nation I would be…

A tennis coach.

On my RTW trip I spent longer than expected in:

French Polynesia.

Which place exceeded your expectations on your travels and why?

Namibia. I'd read it would be good before we went, but the stunning landscapes and endless night skies were experiences no travel guide can prepare you for!   Though Tanzania is exceptional, I love it so much I've been back 4 times now!  It just has everything including the best safari, diverse cultures, dramatic landscapes, idyllic Indian Ocean beaches and beautiful mountains.  On my last trip I spent 8 days living above the clouds climbing Kilimanjaro with my son, a magical experience which I'll always cherish.

When staying in a hotel room for more than one night do you a) Unpack your bags or b) Live from your rucksack?

These days I unpack my bag!

What are your top 3 places in the world?

Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), Pemba (Tanzania) or Anse Cocos (La Digue, Seychelles)

What is your favourite hotel, why and where is it?

Probably Amini Maasai Lodge near Kilimanjaro, Tanzania for a unique experience.  Or the rustic luxury of Manta Resort on beautiful Pemba.  Both are incredibly special.

Which is your favourite beach, where is it and why?

This is a tough one!  A little corner of Mo'orea in French Polynesia, near Hauru Point overlooking the Motu, deep enough for swimming in the stunning lagoon with the rays. Spent 3 weeks by this same beach once, couldn't bear to leave!   Though the beaches of Seychelles are stunningly beautiful, in particular Anse Cocos on La Digue, well worth the half hour trek to find this unspoilt, undeveloped and pristine paradise.  However, if I had one day left on earth there's an idyllic sandbank near the Manta Resort on Pemba which takes some beating!

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?

Easter Island.

Where/what would you really like to visit?


Where is the most depressing place you’ve found yourself?

Waiting at the Greyhound Terminal in Compton, (LA), grim.

What’s the funniest/strangest thing that’s happened to you abroad?

Randomly camping next to some customers I'd booked in Queenstown, NZ.

If you had just 24 hours in a big city which one would it be?

Cape Town.

Happy but knackered at the top of a sand dune – much easier heading down

Happy but knackered at the top of a sand dune – much easier heading down

Doesn't get much better than this!!

Doesn't get much better than this!!

Campervan fun with the family on Philip Island, Australia

Campervan fun with the family on Philip Island, Australia