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Where did you spend your student days?

I studied Law at the University of Lyon and then I went to Business School in Paris.

Professional experience

In 2010, I left France to go to New Zealand for a year on a working holiday visa, and I never went back. I extended my working visa and spent two years in Australia. Afterwards, I visited Asia and the South Pacific going to the United States. I have settled in England in 2014. At first, I lived in Manchester and worked in sales for Emirates Airlines, and I moved to STA Travel. I have now been working for Travel Nation since September 2017.

Véronique has visited:

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    Cook Islands

  • Costa Rica Flag

    Costa Rica

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    United Arab Emirates

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    Hong Kong SAR China

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    Macao SAR China

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    New Zealand

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    South Korea

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    United States

A view across the bay towards El Nido

Last trip:

Mardi Himal trek

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About Véronique

When I’m, not at work or travelling, I’m...

Doing sports or walking.

My favourite band is…

The first Jurassic Park… No comments, please.

I don’t often admit this but…

I'm afraid of earthworms.

If I weren’t working for Travel Nation, I would be…

I would be a photographer.

On my round the world trip I spent longer than expected in…

New Zealand.

Which place exceeded your expectations on your travels and why?


Aitutaki Island in the Cook Islands. I took a day trip to One Foot Island and the colour of the lagoon was a perfect blue.

What are your top five must-pack items??

My camera, my travel guide (still with Lonely Planet), my passport and my blue suitcase where I've sewed all my travel patches.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

Los Angeles or Sydney.

What was your first great travel experience?

Canada and the USA.

What are your top 3 places in the world??

New Zealand, Australia and the Cook Islands.

Which is your favourite beach, where is it and why?

Lord Howe Island in Australia because few tourists go there, even though it's only two hours by plane from Sydney.

Have you ever worked abroad?

When I was a student, I left for a few months on an internship in Los Angeles. It was an experience that really taught me about life. After that, I went to New Zealand and Australia on a working holiday visa and since 2014, I have lived in England.

If you had just 24 hours in a big city which one would it be?  

Los Angeles.

What do you miss most from home while you are away?

My family and my parents' house in Lyon,

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