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Australia campervan holidays

Campervan, Northern Territory | Australia campervan holidays

Campervan, Northern Territory, Australia

Australia offers cities, scenic coast roads, burnt orange deserts and wild outback which makes it ideal for exploring by road, with a car or campervan. That said - it can be easy to underestimate the driving distances if you forget it’s a country that’s roughly the size of Europe!

Why consider a campervan?

Travelling by campervan in Australia gives you flexible freedom. You’ll find a wide selection of vehicles to suit every requirement, from a budget campervan with little more than a mattress and ‘esky’ in the back, to a luxury campervan equipped with an electric bed system, a range of gadgets and extras like a BBQ and flat screen TV.

With a campervan, you can stray from the well-trodden routes; it’s easy to change plans and spend extra nights in a place you love or drive on through to your next destination. There's no check-out deadline, no set breakfast – it’s just you, your travel companions and the road ahead.

Australia campervan holidays - some ideas

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Where Travel Nation can help and how to book

Don’t worry if you have no idea how long it takes to drive from Sydney to Cairns or which locations in Australia require a 4WD vehicle – that’s where we have experience. Our consultants have travelled extensively and will help you plan the perfect route with places to stay along the way.

Working with all the leading hire companies in Australia, we offer some of the best vehicles and rental rates. Booking in advance protects your money, guarantees your chosen camper or motorhome will be available and gives you a consultant who can deal with any questions or concerns.

Contact us for advice on the best model to suit you or request a quote by email. Demand for campervans in Australia peaks in December, January and February, so we recommend booking well in advance for travel in these months.

What should you think about?

Here are a few things to think about before hiring your campervan in Australia:

  • Are you travelling on a shoestring and need a basic model?
  • Do you need an onboard toilet/shower?
  • Do you want a new model, or would an older/higher mileage vehicle suit?
  • How much comfort/luxury do you need? (We have luxury models, and you can break your journey with hotels/lodges too)
  • Would you prefer to pay more but reduce the insurance excess to zero?
  • Are you travelling with children and do you need space for car seats?
  • Would you prefer a larger berth van with more space inside?
  • What bed configuration do you need in terms of doubles/singles/bunks?