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Enjoy time together in a comfortable campervan, getting away from real life back home and taking in the Australian highlights during your time away. We have a wide range of vans perfect for family travel – whether you’ve got a young toddler or a rabble of rowdy kids, there is a van to suit your needs. Consider a vehicle a little older if you’re on a budget, or go for a newer brand if you want to splash out on a little more comfort.

Child restraints in Australia are graded as follows:

  • Children under 6 months (no Apollo or Cheapa vans will accommodate babies under 6m)
  • Children aged 6 months to 4 years
  • Children aged 4-7 years

Children aged 8 and over do not legally require child seats. Seats for children under 4 will not be fitted to the front cabin. Most vehicles accommodate child seats towards the rear of the vehicle, check the individual specifications for details.

Maui & Star RV

These luxury brands each offer 4 berth and 6 berth vans suitable for families. The 2 berth vehicles with Maui can fit Booster seats only (suitable for children aged 4-7yrs).


Apollo campervans that can fit either 2 baby seats (6m-4yrs), 2 booster seats (4-7yrs) or 1x baby and 1x booster:

  • Endeavour Camper – great for economical family touring! No toilet or shower on- board
  • Euro Camper & Euro Star – Self-contained comfortable 4 berth vehicles (slide-out bed on the Euro-Star)
  • Euro Deluxe – larger 6 berth option
  • Outback Camper – off-road 4WD vehicle with room for the family to sleep in a secure cabin.


  • Voyager - 4 Berth, economical with no toilet/shower
  • Explorer - 4 Berth, extra home comforts!
  • Frontier - 6 Berth, very spacious!
  • Safari 4WD – off-road option for families.


Cheapa offer a 4 berth, 6 berth and 4WD Outback vehicle for families.


Booster seats (4-7 yrs) can be fitted into all budget brand Mighty’s vehicles. Child seats (6m-4yrs) can be fitted into the Double Up (4 Berth with toilet & shower) and Double Down (4 berth without toilet & shower) only.

For more advice on models, the latest rates and to book, please contact us or request a quote by email.