3 week holiday ideas

In many ways, 3 is the magic number when it comes to holidays. Three weeks gives you the chance to strike a great balance between exploring and relaxing, as well as the opportunity to cover far more ground. By stretching your holiday to around 3 weeks, you can journey further and visit more destinations. We're experts in planning exciting multi-centre holidays and unusual honeymoons, so you're in safe hands.

Explore 2 or 3 continents in 3 weeks

With a 3 week holiday, you can spend a full fortnight exploring one destination and add a city or beach stopover at the beginning or end of your trip - or both! If you’ve got 3 weeks to spare, the world is your oyster. We’re experts in planning multi-stop holidays all over the world, so anything is possible! Three weeks is even long enough for a round the world trip.

All of the holidays below last between 17 and 23 days. Each one can be tweaked and personalised to make it perfect for you.

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3 week round the world holidays

If you’re planning a long haul holiday over 3 weeks, why not turn into a round the world trip? Over the course of three weeks, you can hop between continents on a round the world adventure that combines Australasia with Asia, the USA and the South Pacific. Stop on Tokyo or Shanghai on your way to New Zealand and Tahiti, make a stop on San Francisco on your way home or head for the Hollywood Hills. We’ll build you a 3 week holiday to really remember. 

3 week Australia and New Zealand itineraries

Planning a holiday Down Under? Australia and New Zealand are big and beautiful destinations that boast every kind of landscape under the sun. With 3 weeks, you’ll have time to recover from jetlag and cover plenty of ground. Drive between mountain, lakes and glaciers in New Zealand, escape into the endless Australian Outback or make a break for the Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re headed to Australia or New Zealand on holiday or you’re off to visit relatives, why not add in a city stopover in Hong Kong, Singapore, Hanoi or Bangkok? For something more sun-drenched, add the South Pacific to your Australia or New Zealand itinerary with a side trip to FijiTahiti or the Cook Islands.

3 week holidays in the South Pacific

If you’re looking for an exotic escape, there’s nowhere better than the South Pacific. Think blue lagoons, swaying coconut palms and soft white sands. With 3 weeks, you can spend a full two weeks in the South Pacific, stopping over somewhere exciting on your way. Try an unusual twin-centre in Tokyo and New Caledonia, explore New Zealand and Samoa or take an island-hopping break in Tahiti.

3 week Asia holidays

Asia is a continent full of contrasts and every country has its own unique identity. A 3 week holiday is long enough to explore several destinations in Asia, giving you a glimpse of its differing landscapes, cultures and cuisines. Travel the entire length of Vietnam, combine Japan and Taiwan with a tropical beach break in Thailand or mix exciting Hong Kong with exotic Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands.

3 week South America trips

Packed with Latino spirit and stunning landscapes, South America is a great decision for a 3 week holiday. Combine legendary Machu Picchu with the Galapagos Islands, visit Chile from top to bottom or explore the Atacama Desert on your way from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Tell us about the South American destinations that you dream of visiting and we’ll build them into a workable itinerary.

3 week USA and Canada holidays

Fly between iconic American cities, take the train across Canada, explore the Deep South or drive through the Rocky Mountains. The USA and Canada are perfect for planning a 3 week getaway, giving you plenty of time to soak up the scenery while you cover some serious ground. Rent a campervan, drive a rental car, hop on the train or fly between destinations – we’ll put together a trip that matches your own personal style of travel.