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Shelley Worsley

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I started at Travel Nation in 2019 after completing a degree in Tourism Management. I first found my passion for travel during an amazing round the world trip in 2011. I have a real passion for adventure and sports tourism.

Where did you spend your 'student days'?

I studied at the University of Brighton and the University of Greenwich, London.

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About Shelley

When I’m not at work or travelling,

I’m attending or watching live sports events.

On my RTW trip I spent longer than expected in:

Queenstown, New Zealand. This is a beautiful location with a lot to offer. I visited in August and I fell in love with snowboarding.

Which place exceeded your expectations on your travels and why?

Fiji! This is the most amazing country you will ever visit!

When staying in a hotel room for more than one night do you a) unpack your bags or b) live from your rucksack?

Live from my rucksack! – I would much prefer to be exploring the destination than unpacking my suitcase.

What are your top 3 places in the world?

Yasawa Islands, Fiji. New York, USA & Sardinia, Italy.

Where/what would you most like to visit?

Machu Picchu, Peru is top of my list! 

What is the weirdest thing you have eaten while abroad?

White Grub (seen on I’m a Celebrity). While we were travelling in the outback, our guide found these bugs in a tree, so we cooked them and tasted them!

Have you ever worked abroad? If so explain.

Yes, I worked in Newcastle, Australia for four months as an outdoor activity instructor.

If you had just 24 hours in a big city which one would it be?

New York, there is so much to see and do in this city. Many activities are free, and it is the city that never sleeps!

What do you miss most from home while you are away?

Family and home cooked meals. No-one can cook a Shepherd’s Pie like my mum!