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Top 10 things to do in Laos

Luang Prabang is a highlight for any visitor

1. Explore Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage city and a patchwork of tradition Laotian architecture and French colonial buildings

Follow the Mekong River to Vang Vieng

2. Visit Vang Vieng, a once sleepy town now world famous for tubing, lying in a rubber tube and floating down the river with a beer in hand

Discover the treasures of Indochina

3. Enjoy the small town charm of Vientiane, which despite being the capital of Laos, has retained its relaxed atmosphere – grab a beer and watch the sun go down over the skyline of temples

Discover Buddha Park, with over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues

4. Discover Buddha Park, with over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues amongst the colourful flowers and vegetation of the area

Kuang Si waterfalls, Laos

5. Head out of Luang Prabang and cool off at Kuang Si's cascading waterfalls

Discover the temples of hidden Laos

6. Discover hidden Laos - Wat Phu is Laos' most important Khmer site and it's older than Angkor Wat in Cambodia

7. Cruise along the Mekong and take in the Laotian jungle that surrounds it, full of swooping birds and howling monkeys

8. Ride an elephant before helping to wash it in the river and sources snacks of sugar cane and bananas for an after-trek meal!

Go zip lining through the lush jungle

9. Go zip lining through the jungle, past lush green rainforest and within touching distance of frothing waterfalls

10. Try white-water kayaking on the Nam Song River. In the monsoon season usually, calm rivers turn into raging torrents, perfect for the advanced kayaker