French Polynesia
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Top 10 things to do in Tahiti & French Polynesia

Bora Bora is renowned for being a honeymooner’s paradise

1. French Polynesia is a fantastic honeymoon destination where you can relax in a romantic over-water bungalow

Join an 8 day luxury cruise aboard the MS Paul Gauguin

2. Enjoy 5 star service on an 8 day luxury cruise aboard the MS Paul Gauguin

3. Swim with dolphins in Moorea – it’s an unmissable experience to be able to swim with these intelligent animals

Snorkel with the tropical fish in Moorea lagoon

4. Snorkelling in the crystal clear water of Moorea lagoon is a great way to spend an afternoon

Catch a glimpse of the exotic underwater world

5. Get diving and you’ll catch a glimpse of French Polynesia’s colourful underwater world full of exotic fish and visiting lemon sharks

6. Go whale watching from July – October and spot mother whales who bring their young calves close to shore in the warm waters to keep them safe from predators

We think you're starting to get the picture of what's waiting for you...

7. Relax in luxury in Bora Bora. Enjoy the finest of everything - food, accommodation and finish the evening with a sundowner watching the sunset


8.Escape the crowds and enjoy your own tropical beach paradise with a luxury Tah'a island stay

9. While on Manihi, check out their other famous feature - pearl farming. Black pearls are harvested year and working oyster farms will show you the process of production

Take a stroll in the rugged interior of Rangiroa

10. Take a stroll in the rugged interior of Rangiroa - the second largest atoll in the world