Travel safety advice

Government travel advice

Before you travel, we recommend you check the advice about your destination on the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) website. If you click on the A-Z list of destinations, you can check the guidelines for each country and also sign up for email alerts for any specific country you’re interested in. That means you’ll get updates if the situation changes before or during your trip.

Situations can develop quickly in some countries, so it’s best to be aware before you travel and to heed any travel advice while you’re visiting. If you go to a country where the FCO advises against all travel or all non-essential travel – your travel insurance may not cover you. Also, consular support is not available in the parts of any country where the FCO advise against all but essential travel.

If you’re due to travel to, or you’re currently travelling in a destination where the situation changes, please contact us and we will keep you informed and assist you in all arrangements to change your plans.

Driving abroad

If you’re planning to drive outside of the UK, you may need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP). The requirements vary by country, but you can apply for an International driving permit for £5.50 from the Post Office. See more detailed information about driving abroad here.

Travelling with children

If you’re travelling with kids, be aware that some destinations will ask you to carry the full, unabridged version of the child’s birth certificate – especially if only one parent is present on the trip. There's some more advice on taking children abroad here, but its best to check the most up to date entry requirements for each country via the FCO travel advice.

Staying safe abroad

ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) offers some helpful general advice about staying safe on holiday, including how to be safe around swimming pools and near balconies.